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Underground Kiteboards » Velvet


Smooth control, blistering speed & light wind cruising.

Dedicated race boards are great 
in their element. That is to say on a course going straight upwind and downwind. Not so much fun when you step off the gas. To bridge the gap between a true race board
 and a surfboard, Underground introduces the Velvet. When it comes to cruising, slalom and light air performance the Velvet delivers early planning, excellent upwind ability and maximum fun. The tri-
fin configuration builds on the groundwork laid out in both race and surf. In the era of maximizing your time on the water, you need the right tool for the job. The Velvet will give you more time on the water.


5’9″ x 21.6″ (175 x 55 cm)

Stance Options

2.5 cm spacing


Bevel rail – Allows the board to sit higher in the water
Speed rocker – Drive upwind and early planing
Wide outline – early planing
Hull entry – smooth ride
Single concave provides lift


HD EPS core
PVC HD wrap
Carbon epoxy sandwich
5 position inserts – straight and angled inserts for comfort


Fins TBC (size and base)
EVA deckpad installed
Contour footstraps

Additional Information

Board Size

5’9″ x 21.6″ (175 x 55 cm)

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