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Underground Kiteboards » Swank


Rookies and all-rounders love this new improved entry level ripper.

Kiting is all about fun and the more you’re having, the easier you’ll fly through the challenges. We’ve optimised sizes and moulds to make everything about the Swank easy and fun. The Swank is slightly wider and stiffer with an intelligent flex to smooth your ride. Anything that you can do, in the waves, flat water or air, this decep- tively simple board can do it better and will continually satisfy as you progress through your »trick list«.

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129 x 38 cm
134 x 40 cm
141 x 42 cm
146 x 44 cm
152 x 46 cm

Stance Options

54 cm
58 cm


Smooth 3D deck shape
Paulownia wood core
Square ABS rails
Plain weave/Uni-glass laminate
Screen printed TPU skins
Gloss finish
M6 stainless steel inserts


HPCF fins 4 x 40 mm
Molded EVA handle

Additional Information

Board Size

129 x 38 cm, 134 x 40 cm, 141 x 42 cm, 146 x 44 cm, 152 x 46 cm

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