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Unleash your creativity and smack lips with new-school twin-tip style!

Once in a while a true game-changer is born. We’ve morphed the best design features of wakeboards, surfboards and twin tips and come up with a radical new wave riding experience that will inspire young and old! Only computer-aided design could come up with the precise double-concave and slick 3D lines of this progressive performer.

There‘s massive scope for versatility – this hybrid can be free-ridden with comfy boot-style straps and smaller fins or with larger surf style fins for seriously aggressive wave-slashing. You can also set it up as a mutant, optimized for your break or style. Whichever way you use it, the SRF unlocks the holy grail of kitesurfing: meaty wave aerials featuring twin-tip style tricks landing back in the wave!

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140 x 40 cm
148 x 43 cm

Stance Options

size specific: 52 cm – 64 cm


Triple spine quad concave
Tip-to-tip center spine
Smooth 3D deck shape
Paulownia wood core
Carbon, biax-glass laminate
Sublimated PBT skins
M6 stainless steel inserts


HPCF fins 4 x 70 mm surf shape
HPCF fins 2 x 80 mm surf shape
Molded EVA handle

Additional Information

Board Size

140 x 40 cm, 148 x 43 cm

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