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Underground Kiteboards » Kipuna


Express yourself. Rip waves whatever the wind direction and taste the freedom of strapless surfing.

It doesn’t matter how or where you jump onto this game-changing board, the uniquely recessed and padded deck gets you closer to the motion in the ocean – than ever before!
 This miracle is achieved without sacrificing volume in the rails, which are built tough from Paulownia wood – infusion laminated under vacuum – for extra durability. Pop massive unstrapped air and this lightweight board rises with you – seemingly glued to your feet. Back
on flat water, easy tracking is maintained with
a silky smooth, single to double to V base.
You’ll amaze your mates, and yourself with new-school trickery in the surf and you’ll never regret a moment spent on this imagination-fueled ride. Even we’re amazed at the diverse styles this range inspires – everything from strapped wave riding to un-strapped and un-finned skim boarding! All are remarkably easy to ride in real-world wave conditions, while the 6'2″ pin-tail stands out when the waves get more serious. Available in a range of sizes, tail shapes and fin configurations to suit your freewave style.



Stance Options

54 cm
58 cm
62 cm


3D recessed deck
Tucked to sharp rails
High density foam / Paulownia wood core
6 mm stainless inserts
Epoxy glass laminate
Controlled flex


460 thruster/538 quad Fiberglass fins
Full EVA deckpad (flip-flop concept)
Contour straps

Additional Information

Board Size

5’4″, 5’8″, 6’2″

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