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The sum total of our experience, available for advanced – pro riders.

We’ve molded everything we’ve learned into this ultra-high-end electrifying ride. Combine the incredibly light, exaggerated 3D shape with a sleek 100% carbon weave exterior and you have a muscular new breed that operates in a rarefied atmosphere of its own. Hit the water with this superior performer and you’ll experience massive acceleration and boosting capabilities – dynamic handling to go with its devilish good looks. Focused design and the finest engineering in the game have produced a ride of pure exotica, featuring silky smooth dynamic tip-flex that will unlock the desires of professional competitors and core riders alike.

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129 x 39 cm
132 x 40 cm
135 x 42 cm

Stance Options

56 cm
60 cm
64 cm


Distinctive triple spine/quad concave
Tip-to-tip center spine
Smooth 3D deck shape
Paulownia wood core
Seamless PU rails
Full carbon laminate
Screen-printed TPU skins
Gloss finish
M6 stainless steel inserts


HPCF fins 4 x 40 mm
Molded EVA handle

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Board Size

129 x 39 cm, 132 x 40 cm, 135 x 42 cm

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